How To Repair Your Terrazzo Floor – A Complete DIY Guide

How To Repair Your Terrazzo Floor – A Complete DIY Guide

Does your terrazzo flooring have sticky-dull marks, ugly cracks, and holes? Sometimes, it may have discolouration by acid stains from beverage and food spills. If that is what you are facing right now, don’t fret- you can still repair your terrazzo floor and restore the initial sparkly look that you initially admire. Click here to read more about terrazzo flooring tiles.

In this article, I will talk lengthily about what you stand to gain when you restore or repair your terrazzo tiles, how you can repair terrazzo tiles with little or no experience, and the cost of hiring a pro to fix your terrazzo tiles.

Can I repair my terrazzo tiles?

Of course, if your terrazzo tiles have lost their attractive high gloss glow as a result of UV lighting or long-term wear, you can repair the floor and make it look its best again. Restoration is also the suggested option if there are holes on the surface of your terrazzo tiles. Through the leaks, some liquid stains can ooze into your floor and change its colour.

Terrazzo tiles damage can also occur while removing the covering, such as linoleum tiling or carpets. The result of this action has holes, chips, and pits all over the terrazzo tiles surfaces.

Depending on the damage level, you may decide to hire a terrazzo tiles repair/restoration professional for expertise. Alternatively, get a terrazzo floor repair firm, or repair yourself.

If you prefer a DIY option, remember that terrazzo tiles repair only brings excellent results if you do it right. Otherwise, your terrazzo tiles problems will continue giving you signs of damage, and you might end up having to hire a pro in the long run.

Repairing your terrazzo tiles will bring you several benefits. The benefits overshadow the costs and labour that you will invest in the repairing process.  With proper repairs of your terrazzo tiles, you will have the following guarantee;

  1. No mould or mildew– this will occur when you properly reseal the terrazzo surface during and after repair. The moisture will not penetrate the cement parts of your terrazzo tiles, encouraging the evolution of fungal organisms.
  1. High home resale value- terrazzo tiles restoration increases the value of a home. Many homebuyers understand the essence of correctly restored terrazzo floor tiles in terms of functionality and glamour.
  1. Low-maintenance- Properly repaired terrazzo floor tiles should be correctly sealed and polished. That will lessen maintenance expenses since you won’t have to clean it so often to maintain its good looking appearance.

How to Restore Terrazzo Floors Yourself?

To properly restore your stained, discoloured, cracked, or chipped terrazzo tiles, follow the process outlined below:

1. Prep the floor

First off, you have to prepare the area by removing every cover and adhesives used to glue the carpeting to the terrazzo tiles surface. It is also ideal for cleaning the floor with a neutral tile and stone cleaner solution at this stage. That will help to remove any old sealant that is still covering the terrazzo tiles surface.

2. Grind the terrazzo tiles

Grinding ensures your terrazzo tiles achieve that high glossy glow that is lovely to look at; while easing any prevailing stains. While others like to skip this step, an appropriate mechanical diamond grind is essential if colour clarity and a gloss finish are what you want to achieve. I suggest a 400-pound planetary grinder, as it will flatten your terrazzo tiles surface while exposing every tiny floor damage areas that were not visible.

Once you have ground the whole terrazzo tiles until it is more detailed, then, switch to a grinder and repeat the process until you have achieved the level of shine that you want. Meanwhile, if there are still some stains on the tile’s surface after the diamond grinding, you can apply a poultice to get rid of the stains.

3. Patch up the cracks

If there are cracks on your terrazzo tiles, you will have to patch them up before you polish the tile’s surface. To do this, you can use colour-tinted epoxy, whose colour closely fits the marble chips colour on your terrazzo tiles.

4. Seal the terrazzo

After grinding your terrazzo tiles and patching up every crack, the next step for you is to seal the holes to protect them against oil-based stains andmoisture damage. When you apply a sealer, you have closed off the pores within the terrazzo tiles. This ensuring nothing can ooze into the tiles and discolour them. What’s more? Penetrative sealers can also help bring out the colour clarity in terrazzo flooring.

5. Polish the terrazzo

The last step in terrazzo tiles repair is to polish the surface. You can do that in three ways; either by using polishing powder, diamond-polishing or recrystallization.  Of the three methods, diamond polishing is the most efficient. It will allow you to get a glossy finish without making the terrazzo tiles surface slippery.

If you are working on a lesser budget, the polishing powder will be okay. Just apply some to the terrazzo tiles surface and buff them to put the powder into the tile’s surface. You can do this at least twice and ensure you switch to a higher-grit polishing each time.

One thing you have to consider, however, is that terrazzo tiles finished with high-grit polishing powder usually require rebuffing after a few years. Contrary to diamond-polished terrazzo tiles, which typically maintain the same premium-shine look for several years before needing a rebuff.

Terrazzo floor restoration cost

Suppose you’ll be contracting out your terrazzo floor repair and restoration project to the experts. Remember, costs differ depending on the floor size and floor tile types, and the methods of polishing you want to use. Typically, finishing with polishing powder or recrystallization attracts a restoration cost anywhere between 3-5 dollars per square meter. The restoration that involves diamond polishing-meanwhile- can cost even up to 20-dollars per square meter.

Final Words 

You don’t need to hire a professional with a considerable amount of money before you can restore your terrazzo floor. Although it is important to pay professionals for the installation, repairing terrazzo tiles is a DIY thing. The above guide is complete enough to help in the restoration process. 

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